The London School of Painting and Drawing is a venture set up in 2002 by experienced artists and acclaimed tutors from the Royal Society of British Sculptors and the Slade School of Fine Art.

Students will be encouraged to develop ways of representation through the imaginative response to the observed world.  Classes will explore various aspects of proportion and scale, composition, space, light and form.

The London School of Painting and Drawing is unique in not having a 'house style' but instead offers you the rare opportunity of working directly from the model aided by careful, individual tuition designed to encourage and develop your own individual creativity.

All levels of experience welcomed.

LSPD, a School set up by Artists for Artists like you.





Saturday Painting Class:
Egon Schiele

(22 November, 10am-5pm)

As inspiration we will be referring to the following exhibition:
Egon Schiele: The Radical Nude, The Courtauld Gallery, London WC2R,
Oct 23-Jan 18
“In all of art history there are few examples of women represented by male artists where there is an equality of power between the artist and his subject; Schiele is one of them. His youth and his lack of social and financial standing meant he was not far removed from the street girls he drew. By 1910 he was an outsider as they were: a figure reviled by the establishment  and cut off by his guardian. In the same way that the girls and women he depicted were invisible in society, so was he. Despite the ubiquity of pornography during his time, sexual hypocrisy was rife within Viennese society and Schiele was determined to address it. This hypocrisy that the artist tackled a century ago is still evident, albeit in the form of disguised liberalism, thereby striking a chord with artists and youth today.” Excerpt from an article by Richard Nagy

A slide talk as normal will begin our day by both Andy & Tom. The day then continues with students painting directly from the life model from either one or two model set ups.

*New beginners will always be given a basic colour talk during the first half of the morning.

Saturday painting class fee:
£74 (paints included), £69 (without paints)

All basic materials are provided: including easels, palettes, drawing boards, drawing paper, pencils, charcoal, white spirit, jam jars and brushes!!

Tuesday Drawing classes:

Fees: £210 per term, all materials included

Schedule of our classes and prices for 2015